Office Hours

8am – 9pm (June,July,Aug,Sept)

9am – 5pm ( May,Oct)

Off Season please call for an appointment.

  • Speed Limit in Campgrounds 10 km/hr
  • Strict QUIET HOURS – 11pm to 8 am
  • No cutting of tree’s, branches or debarking. No chain saws or power tools permitted.
  • Fires in fire pits only, DO NOT MOVE fire pits, and please NO GARBAGE in Fire pits.
  • No Firewood to be brought into campgrounds. Please help stop the spread of emerald ash disease. Firewood available to purchase at office.
  • No Fireworks of any kind permitted in the campground.
  • The use of Cannabis is not allowed outside of your own unit
  • Satellite Dishes are to be on your own site or on top of Trailer only.
  • Vehicles are to be parked on their own sites. 1 Vehicle per site. Extra Vehicle is $ 5.00 per night.
  • No Excessive noise of any kind. Please respect your fellow campers.
  • No Generators to be used at any time.
  • Alcohol at your own site only. Please drink responsibly.
  • Children must be accompanied by an Adult and Supervised at the swimming pool.
  • All children must be at their site by 10pm and remain at site.
  • Please sort and recycle all garbage. ONLY one green garbage bag per campsite accepted daily. Please place in garbage dumpster.
  • Garbage Bin: No Propane tanks, barbecues, mattresses, wood, chairs, glass, or other materials. Please only household garbage.
  • Any violation of the rules is grounds for eviction from campground without refund. Ottawa’s Poplar Grove Trailer Park Ltd or any employee’s or agents are not responsible for any loss or damage what so ever to campers self or property.