Rates & Reservations

Check In Time: 1pm to 9pm , Check Out Time:12 noon or late fees will apply.

  • Rates are based on 2 adults per site.
  • All taxes (HST 13%) are extra.
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars.
  • Fees are to be paid upon arrival.
  • One camping unit & one vehicle per site.
  • Caravan or Group rates available upon request. Call for info.
  • Our Season Is From May 1st to Oct.31


    Services Nightly Weekly
    1 night free
    Monthly Seasonal Weekends
    & Statutory Holidays
    Full Time
    Basic - unserviced site $32.00 $192.00 $625.00    
    Water & Electric - 15amps $38.00 $228.00 $765.00    
    Water & Electric & Sewer - 30amp $43.00 $258.00 $875.00 $1955.00 $3160.00
    Water & Electric & Sewer - 50amp $48.00 $288.00 $975.00 $2290.00 $3485.00
    Additional Child under 16 yrs $3.00        
    Additional Adult over 16 yrs $5.00        
    Overnight Visitors Expires @ 12:00 Noon $10.00 p p        
    Day Visitors (must depart camp
    by 10:30 pm
    $5.00 p p        
    Late Checkout Fee $10.00        
    Extra Car per site $5.00        


    Accepted 8am to 9pm EST.

    A $30.00 non-refundable deposit is required when making a reservation. Please call 613-821-2973 to make your reservation.
    Information required - first & last name, date of arrival & length of stay, size of RV, tent trailer or tent, services required( electric, water, sewer) a valid credit card number, V-Code (3 digit code on back of card) & expiry date ( visa or mastercard)


    If the campsite is cancelled for ANY reason the $30.00 deposit is not refunded but no other fees are applied.
    We do not give refunds for early check-outs or discomforts of nature.

    Seasonal Sites:

    A $300.00 non-refundable deposit is required.
    Campers wanting to remain on their present site are required to pay $300.00 + HST Fall deposit no later than Labour Day Weekend or be prepared to vacate their site byOctober 31.